Episode 1 – “PILOT”

The first episode ever of the most incredible podcast that your ears will ever have the pleasure of hearing! Steve and Ashley take you down a road less traveled by and show you a world where human stupidity knows no bounds! We also give you pre-flight packing lessons courtesy of Ashley, as well as some good old fashioned wisdom. This show was recorded using Skype and did have some technical quirks, but they say you have to walk before you can run….we just didn’t listen. Here’s our show, and a mighty fine piece of work it is 🙂
Random Factoid of the Week! –
If you lined up all the Slinkys ever made in a row they could wrap around the Earth 126 times! Holy Crap!!

Australian to live underwater for two weeks!
Rent a Grandmother! What the Heck!
95 year old German woman sets a trap for a thief!
Man arrested for feeding more homeless than the city allows!
74 year old man builds a raft to sail to China! Good luck crazy man!
Falling Woman saved by a pile of pooooooo!
Doctor removes a man’s GOOD testicle!
Drugs Smuggled inside a Vibrator!
The Trash Fires Back! Man gets shot in the hand by a garbage bag!
Parrot rescued by a helicopter!

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As….)
Running Time: 36 minutes

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