Episode 31 – “I Survived the Zombie Apocalypse, and All I Got Was This Stupid Podcast”

Man! The last few days have been intense! Stephen and I managed to rid our hometowns of the Zombie menace, but on a downside we couldn’t raise Demon Face to help host the show. Apparently, he was pissed because we didn’t do the show on Friday and he had a date with Satan’s daughter… Whatever, I hope it sucked. This show was amazingly hilarious. Stephen and I were both kind of tired from all the Zombie slaying, but it made us mega funny and slap happy. Good times! We’ve got Zombies passed out on trains, the final story on the infamous smoker leg, a man pooing in Micky Dee’s, and another man that beat up a dead body! This month has been insane, and we are stoked that you guys stick with us for every episode.
Factoid of the Week:
Sharks are immune to every disease…including Cancer

Aliens Set Fires In Italy
Zombies Don’t Drink!
Disappearing Sheep Show

Ketchup > Guns
The Great Pickle Caper!

More info on the LEG!

Bad Day^5

Man Poos in Mickey Dees
Dentists Dances

Kinky Knitwear
Invincible naked man runs loose in Super 8 Motel!
Crazy man beats the crap out of a dead body!

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Running Time: 1 Hour

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