Episode 32 – “I Wish I Had A Pouch Like A Kangaroo…I’d Put Candy Corn In It”

So, Stephen was hyped up on coffee and I was sipping tea for this episode… and we all know what happens when caffeine combines with Horseshoes and Hand Grenades! At one point, I was pretty sure I was going to spit green tea all over my poor laptop, but thankfully I was able to compose myself and continue reading through our stories. Stephen and I found a lot of wacky stories this week including an eight-limbed toddler, a woman who bit her boyfriends lip OFF, a gorilla who was switched out for a stripper, and 2,500 gallons of liquefied hog poo. Ugh.
Toddler with EIGHT Limbs
Tunnels are boring

Destined to be alone?

The World has gone BANANAS!
Kid gets detention for hugging…enter the SOAPBOX!
This stuff never happened when I was in school
Bill of $0.00
Once bitten
2,500 gallons of spilt hog poo
Flying Cows

Dope arrested for possesion… of dope

Assault with a deadly….Frying Pan?!

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Running Time: 1 Hour

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