Episode 35 – “Our TV Has Premonitions”

An ode to Horseshoes and Hand Grenades by a long dead monk:
Horseshoes and mighty Hand Grenades,
The protector of the smart.
Beware all ye of small mind!
And those that are dumb at heart.

Well said, long dead monk!

This week the protectors of the smart bring you hookers for charity, skinny santas, and men raping bikes! Also, check out our new myspace at http://www.myspace.com/horseshoes_handgrenades!

Factoid of the Week:
Doctors in the 1700s prescribed ladybugs, taken internally, as a cure for measles

Twins have two different dads!
Hard-up for a win
Prostitue offers sex for charity
STEPHEN’S SOAPBOX: Sesame Street is Adult Only Entertainment!!?!?
Man gets three years probation for having sex with bicycle??
I’m fat because I want to be like Santa Claus
300 LB Woman and a Bike
Chicken fat on Virginia highway causes four wrecks
Doctor Doom
Man shoots out traffic camera, gets arrested
Man tries to deposit one million dollar bill
Chicken eats bracelet, man eats Chicken
One Cheese sandwich with a side of dead cousin

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As..)
Running Time: 1 Hour

Author: Smashie

She's scatterbrained and filled with coconut oil at best.

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