Damn The Gremlins

Well, all our happiness came crashing down on our big, fat, happy heads this evening while attempting to make up Friday’s show. Our mixer imploded upon itself, and is now a very expensive paper weight that mocks is with ever button that refuses to light up. Stephen has sold a lung, and now has enough to buy a replacement mixer. He is planning on doing this posthaste.
Something about today just did not like us, or the people around us. One of our friends went to the hospital due to sever seizures, I almost choked to death (apparently inhaling while drinking is not on the “top ten most recommended things to do” list), and our mixer decides that it is sick of having our voices float through it once a week.

Someone go do some voodoo for us, and help us get back on track!

I also hear that dragons take kindly to virgins… if anyone can find one of those?

Thanks for your patience!


Author: Smashie

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