Episode 52 – “I’m Feeling Fat and Sassy!”

limecatHappy Birthday to US! We are officially a year old today (March 28th 2008), and we have learned to say “no”. We also have been locked out of the kitchen cabinets, because we keep banging the pots around late at night when mommy wants her alone time with the postman… Go have a cupcake in our honor and chow down on its sugary, heart-stopping, internal organ melting icing, and enjoy Radioactive Kitteh (comic anyone?), Testicle Removal (by a church deacon!), and a Man (who was a woman) that is 5 Months Preggers!
*Blows out the candles and waits for the strippers*
Factoid of the Week:
Only 6% of printed coupons are ever redeemed

15 Miles In Oncoming Traffic
Eviction Newt
They’re starting early these days
Drag Race
You’re Breaking My Balls!

Man is 5 months pregnant
Radioactive Kitteh!

Running Time: 58:36

Author: Smashie

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