The Apocalypse Is…Not So Nigh Anymore

This is a follow up to the story posted earlier this week about those crazy Russians who were hiding out in the cave and waiting for the world to end. Well, it turns out that handful of those crazies weren’t crazy enough and decided to leave the cave after the roof of their makeshift hovel started to collapse. It sure looks like their fearless leader was right about the world ending, so long as the world was that cave. It has got to suck to think that you are safe from the apocalypse only to realize that the safest place you can be is outside your safehouse.
I didn’t gather this from the last story about these poor souls, but it turns out that they have been hiding out in this place since November of last year. Pyotr Kuznetsov, their leader, told them that the world would end in Spring and that they should go some place safe. I’m not quite sure what makes them think that a few feet of dirt and stone would protect them from the devastation that God could bring, but that’s what they did. Authorities who had been working with the group explained that they finally realized the danger was right over their heads.

“The sect members realised their lives could have been in danger if they remained underground during the spring thaw,” a regional spokesman said.

Evidently Mr. Kuznetsov’s preaching wasn’t quite powerful enough, as 21 people have emerged from the cave. They can now go back to seeking enlightenment through a safer group such as Pastafarians, or maybe even Jehovah’s Witnesses. Good luck, ye newly emerged followers of random cults! We will now go back to waiting patiently for the last 14 hold-outs to emerge.

Source: Ananova

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