Went in for Great Value TP, came out with Jury Duty

You know you are in trouble when the judge begins summoning wal-mart shoppers for Jury Duty. In Lima Ohio, Judge Richard Warren, who was presiding over a child rape case, realized he had a problem when he ran out of prospective jurors. His Solution? Summon random people at the popular shopping destinations.
Judge Warren dispatched the sheriff to serve more Jury Duty Summons at the local Wal-Mart, shopping mall, and supermarket. The sheriff and 3 deputies questioned unsuspecting mall shoppers about their county of residence and voter status.

Based on their answers, 14 people were served with summons. 6 additional residents received summons as they were visiting the county courthouse (where the trial was taking place). A guy there finalizing his divorce, probably thought his day couldn’t get much worse. SURPRISE!!!! You go in for a divorce and come out with Jury Duty. Imagine yourself in the Wal-Mart scenario.. You run in because you are completely out of triple ply Charmin, and as you rush back to the car to go home and do your business *BAM*… A smiling Sheriff provides you with a cordial invitation to hell. The ‘Accused’ probably thought he was out of the woods since the county couldn’t provide a Jury for a fair trial. In comes Wal-Mart’s finest to save the day. This begs the question… Are Great Value prices really worth the risk??

Source: Yahoo

4 thoughts on “Went in for Great Value TP, came out with Jury Duty”

  1. That is an awesome story! Kind of makes me a little more wary about going to Wal-Mart. At least a Wal-Mart near the courthouse. Those poor unsuspecting shoppers 🙂

  2. Just goes to show you the impact that Wal-mart has made…… They needed to find people, so where do they look? Wal-Mart.

  3. Bwahahahaha!!!
    Wal*Mart sucks! That just made it suck even more.

    I had jury duty once… but got out of it because I slept with the judge… er, I mean >_> <_<

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