Please Don’t Tease the Tribesman

London will be getting a few visitors from the great land of Tanzania the week of the 26-mile London Marathon. The unusual thing about these guys is that they are from “Deepest Darkest Africa” and haven’t had that many dealings with civilizations like that of the Brits. They have been instructed by the people looking after them that it is very important they do not attempt to hunt farm animals, and that underwear is a necessary garment. I never thought about this kind of thing before, but I guess it would be hard for one of these guys to turn off his usual instinct of hunting and gathering.
Greenforce charity workers have given the Maasai tribesman a guide that instructs them on the ways of the modernized land. One of the more humorous instructions in the guide is that Brits “seem sillier” after drinking alcohol. I don’t know if sillier is the right term for everybody. Some people get silly, others get belligerent, and dozens more just get downright obnoxious. Greenforce is doing what they can to provide these guys with the tools they need to survive their visit to this new metropolitan jungle.

The men will be running the marathon in traditional robes and carrying shields. I’m not sure if this is mandatory for everybody, but I’m sure it makes them feel more at home. The men are running the race in order to raise money for life-saving supplies at home. They can’t get too comfortable though, as the guide also advises that if “nature calls” they are to find a toilet, not a bush.

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