Good Grades For Sex and Money

A professor in Hamburg, Germany has been jailed for taking money and sex from students in exchange for good grades. I never knew that students could really be that desperate that they would fork out huge amounts of money just so they could pass. This professor evidently took in over $244,000 over the course of his teaching career. Students who were failing his class were given this option so that they could get their doctorate. What worries me is that there are doctors (of something) walking around in Germany that don’t really know what they’re doing! This just cannot stand!

The professor also told authorities that he had given female students good grades in exchange for sex. Notice that he did not offer this option to male students. I sense a bit of discrimination here! There is no report on whether he gave the female students better grades based on the enjoyment level of the sex. I’m assuming that he just gave them all a passing grade without much thought to the quality of the sex. It’s good to know that if you are crappy in bed you can still get good grades. What I would like to know is how many female students opted to pay the money instead of sex. The results could be surprising!

The professor said that he decided to start taking bribes because he was having financial difficulties. He must have also been having difficulties in relationships due to the sex. He claimed that his net monthly salary of 5,000 euros was not enough to pay his debts.

Source: Ananova

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