There’s a Prize Worth Winning

Only in West Virginia could a plan like this be devised and then implemented. A casino in Wheeling, West Virginia, will be giving away an entire tanker of gas to one lucky individual. I’m not that much of a gambling man, but if a tanker of gasoline is up for grabs, that might just turn me around! The tanker contains 9,000 gallons of fuel that the winner will be able to take home in the form of gift cards. Sorry guys, a real tanker isn’t given away. I know that some of you would like to have it in the event of the eminent zombie attack.
The 9,000 gallons of gas will be one of the prizes at the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack, in case any of you are interested in winning the grand prize. With this much gas, you could go around the world eight times if your car gets 22 miles to the gallon… and there was no ocean.

The lucky individual can choose between the 9,000 gallons of gas, or $15,000 in cash. The gas seems to be the better choice since its value fluctuates, and with gas prices in the Mountain State reaching upwards of $3.41, the gas could be worth $31,000. That is a prize worth winning.

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