Garfield Fo’ Real!

When I was in high school I used to draw Garfield all the time. I religiously read the comics every morning before I dragged myself to class, and I bought all the compilations so I could enjoy the comic in color every day. In short, I am a fan of that huge, fat cat. Much to my joy, Garfield lives; and in Italy no less!

The enormous cat apparently lives off of lasagna, and his owner, Laura Santarelli, can barely pick the behemoth up. The massive orange tabby is dubbed Orazio, and has five other cats living with him. I can only imagine how dinner time works. And a moment of seriousness (yeah, I know), I do not condone the size of this cat. The thing is only three, and I sincerely doubt the blubberous beast will make it three more.

Author: Smashie

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