How Many Cows Died For This?

The biggest barbecue ever recorded was kicked off in Uruguay this weekend to promote the country’s number one export. The incredible event required a grill almost a mile long and 12 metric tonnes of beef! That’s a whole lot of meat! About 1,250 people were needed to cook the meat on the grill, which, if this was America, probably would amount to a whole lot of arguments over how to properly grill a steak. It’s a good thing these Uruguayans can get along, or else there might have been a few people steaks being served around.
Army personnel set the gargantuan grill up, while firefighters set the beast ablaze. I would have loved to have seen how they managed to start this thing. I realize that the size of the grill and the amount of meat are two important figures, but how much charcoal and lighter fluid did they use? This whole situation is a pyromaniacs dream. I would have loved to have seen this thing. The Uruguayans are extremely proud of their record breaking barbecue and are hoping that they can bring a little more attention to their country.

“Uruguay is very small, it’s not known for other events so we have to use these kinds of gimmicks so people find out where Uruguay is and what it has to offer,” said INAC’s vice president, Fernando Perez Abella.

If you ever find yourself in Uruguay, you should definitely give their steak a try. According to one the volunteer chefs at the evnet, they have the best beef in the world. Looks like I’ll be planning a trip to the tiny South American country in the near future!

Source: Reuters

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