Doctor Wants Frenchies To Fart

I’m a huge proponent of letting your gas go, however, I do think it necessary to be subtle about it. Nobody wants to see you tilt your body and aim it at the dude next to your, or let one fly and announce it with pride to everyone around you. One doctor from france, on the other hand, believes that you should let it go regardless of the circumstances. He believes that holding in gas can cause many illnesses including cancer! This is terrible news for women, who I have discovered after years of research never ever fart!
Doctor Frederic Saldmann says that the French need to start farting, burping, and sweating in order to prolong their lives. In his book, Le Grande Menage, he says that they should embrace the stereotypes and simply become what the world already thinks they are: gross. I think there are plenty of stereotypes that a person can “own” and people can forgive it, but smelliness isn’t really one of them.

According to the good doctor, people should release at least two liters of gas a day. Retaining it can cause illness and intestinal problems. I’m proud to say that my intestines are doing just fine.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that sweating is also an important part of not getting cancer. The doctor says that using antiperspirants can cover vital fragrances that can attract the opposite sex. You see, humans emit pheromones that attract the opposite sex, unless you just got done working out, or are gross in general. Some smells just can’t beat ugly. If you can’t use antiperspirant, you should at least cover the stink with some Old Spice.

Source: Ananova

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