He Should Be A Superhero

An indian man has plans to hang himself from a helicopter with nothing but the strength of his ponytail. Shailendra Roy decided to take on this feat shortly after pulling a 35 tonne toy train for 10 meters. He had a long chain tied to his ponytail which was then attached to the train. Mr. Roy is quick to tell people that he could have pulled the train further but the safety officials required that he stop. This guy must have Superman-like locks of hair, because I don’t think any mortal man could pull of these great feets of strength with nothing but their ponytail.

The Darjeeling toy train line is so called because of the small size of the trains and the narrow gauge. It runs from the plains of West Bengal up the Himalayas to Darjeeling.

“It is a dream come true for me. I had planned to pull the train for at least 300 metres, but railway officials did not allow that,” Mr Roy said.

Shailendra says that he keeps his hair strong by rubbing mustard oil on it and pulling heavy things with it. I’m not so worried about his hair ripping or anything, but his scalp has got to be killing him after he gets done with one of his performances. I mean, they make ropes and stuff out of human hair in some places so it’s really strong stuff, but you can only put so much strain on a human scalp before it just can’t take anymore.

Source: Ananova

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