Facebook Ruins Prize-winning Garden

There are 10 (heh) types of people in the world. Those who love Facebook/Myspace and spend every waking moment on the site and stalk their friends through the web pages, and those who would rather be dragged through broken glass and submerged in lemon juice than spend more than five seconds adding new applications and friending spammers.

Leeds City Council says about 350 people armed with water pistols and buckets destroyed the city’s Millennium Square garden.

The garden, built in honour of Nelson Mandela, scooped a medal at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2004.

Footage of the bank holiday rampage also features on the YouTube video website…

The park is apparently destroyed by thousands of dollars worth of damage. But, all hope is not lost! The 350 morons that demolished the beautiful park were all filmed (and tagged on facebook/myspace) and posted up on youtube. The police now have the footage and are going to great lengths to identify every dork who allowed themselves to be filmed.

I have to wonder how a squirt gun obliterated a park, though?


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  1. Don’t they always say they are making weird changes to facebook/myspace? I think half the time it is false info to get ppl to send spam around ;p

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