A Sticky Situation

When I was a kid, I used to love getting glue on my hands and having to peel it off. One of the best parts was trying to see if I could get the entire sticky film off my hands without it breaking. I never accomplished the feat, but I still managed to get a bunch off without it ever coming apart. Simple joys like this can get you through your younger years, but having a crap-ton of glue all over you can actually turn you off from the stuff completely. Just ask these Chinese firefighters!
A truck full of construction glue was involved in an accident and spilled it’s load all over the streets of the Chinese city of Chengdu. It covered the streets and stuck to everything from lightpoles and cars to small children. Firefighters attempted to fight the glue, which according to their job title isn’t something they normally fight, but were quickly ensnared by the sticky substance. Armed with nothing but brooms and shovels, these brave men took to the glue like a maid cleaning your filthy house. Too bad brooms don’t work well against goo such as this.

The firefighters found themselves stuck in a pool of mush, and their weapons were having little effect. They took to an old school tool that they use on normal occasions: water. The water was an attempt to dilute the material, but just like the shovels and brooms it was having little to no effect on this nemesis. People were falling victim to the adhesive demon! They were slipping one by one into the mess and finding themselves unable to escape. Once in the enemy’s grasp, there was little hope that they could make their way out.

Leave it to the crazy Chinese scientists to find a solution to this problem! They eventually found chemicals that proved to be the beast’s only weakness. The glue started to disolve and let out a scream of pain as it came apart from itself and was forced to relinquish those that it had captured. The fighters had prevailed against the beast, and cleaned up the mess left behind. The creature was not vanquished without leaving behind lasting effects, however. The onlookers were all dizzy, confused, and high as a kite!

Source: Ananova

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