“Flex Your Mentals” With WuChess!

Who said chess was a sport built only for Russians and goofy, prep school kids? One famous group has stepped forward in an attempt to make chess cool again. The famous hip-hop troupe the Wu-Tang Clan has joined up with the ChessPark social network to bring chess to everyone with their own rap infused style. WuChess.com claims to be “the world’s first online chess and urban social network.” I really didn’t know that socializing was such a core part of playing chess considering it’s usual target demographic. But I guess this is what makes WuChess different!
For $55 a year, people can set up their own profiles, clans, and compete for prizes and possibly a chance to play against some of Wu-Tang’s members. It’s like the MySpace for chess fans with a little bit of MMO rolled in. The site isn’t just for winning prizes however, it is also “just for the joy of flexing yer mentals”, the website says. Clearly English is not one of the “mentals” your going to be flexing.

I’m all for learning how to play chess and enjoying a place to go with friends, but can the Wu-Tang clan at least respect the intellectual history of the game and try to use proper grammer and sentence structure. I wish this project all the success they are searching for, but I just want it to be known that I will not be moving my “Ol’ Dirty Bishop” against your “Ghost Face Knight” anytime soon.

Source: Ananova

One thought on ““Flex Your Mentals” With WuChess!”

  1. I love chess!
    I’m not very good and I take FOREVER to move… but Chi plays with me quite a bit. I run around the house screaming when I beat her 😀

    Very sportsman like, eh?

    I dunno about this, tho o_O

    This seems like… blasphemy.

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