Episode 71 – “Something That Big Ought To Give Milk”

This week has been very hard on my sleep schedule. I have not got any! I’ve been rather grumpy too. Sometimes it is just SO much fun to be grumpy. However, I had yummy, deliciouso wine during this episode and I am hyper as all hell 😀 Stephen ended up having to pull my weight because of the lack of internets and got all the notes again this week. A few people showed up at my door earlier. I was asleep on the couch and having awesome dreams… and I hear this banging and yelling about the police. I go to the door and there are my friends… DRIPPING WET. Im talking totally submerged into a tank of water and dripping on my doorstep. There is no water leading up to the puddle they are standing in (it is a wooden walk way and water shows up easily), and when they walked away it left a trail. Tell me how that happened? Listen in for a woman fighting a lion with a machete while perched on a donkey! You know you wanna know 😀
Factoid of the Week:
In a typical year, 14,030 “answers are questioned” on Jeopardy

We can’t make this stuff up!
Giant penis flower exposes itself for Belgium
That was totally NOT worth it…
Everybody knows Natural Light sucks…
I can’t train here! It’s covered in poop!
You’re Grounded Forever!
Someone probably died during this conversation
Three year old car surfer!

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Running Time: 1:03:25

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2 thoughts on “Episode 71 – “Something That Big Ought To Give Milk””

  1. Ha ha good episode :)Always more than happy to provide a shout out.

    Wow that one guy and the trash bin, I’m trying to figure out how he got under there, butter?

    I’m actually hoping to get rid of Mevio soon. I’ve been looking at newer options, plus I’m getting tired of Mevio’s auto playing ads when I go to log in.

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