Episode 77 – “What Kind of Nuts Are These?”

We had sooooo many notes this week. I had to cut down on half of them, and we even did mid-show cuts to keep the time down. 20$ that next week I won’t be able to find a single note! I guess stupidity runs in bouts. If the amount of stupid is used up for a month in a weeks time… then everyone tends to behave the rest of the month. Which is good in practice, but oh so annoying for those of us that gather notes. Good thing that people decided to screw car bumpers in public, hang upside down in protest, cook with breast milk, claim they are a “special agent from the United States Illuminati, badge number 0931”, and steal their daughter’s I.D. so they can become a cheerleader…
Vibes go out to Voodoo this week… get better! <3

Factoid of the Week:
People in nudist colonies play volleyball more often than any other sport

The last public execution by guillotine was performed in 1939, but the device continued in use until 1977.

High Tide, Low Luck
Hotel of LoOoOve
Upsidedown Protest
It’s Raining Small Shiney Things!
Things You Shouldn’t Bleep
Things You Shouldn’t Cook With
No Undie Sundie!
007’s Blue Cow
Rabbit Ears… no, not that kind
“I don’t do da boyZ, cuZ I used to be one”
Cheerleaders are Eval

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Running Time: 1 Hour

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