Episode 81 – “You Dead, And Then You Undead”

Ok, so, I’m sitting here thinking of what to write for our EIGHTY FIRST episode… and my sister jumps out of her seat, starts going “OOO, OH OH OH OH OooOooO!” and prancing her feet around. Thinking something was attacking her, I fling my laptop aside and jump up to. I look to my right and Stephen is STANDING on the chair he was previously sitting on. He didn’t want the fleck of dust (vicious creatures) that was attacking Stephanie to gnaw on his feet. Anyway, Stephen drank a gallon of coffee tonight and was really hyper, and we had a ton of really fun notes: tazer pig, flaming squirrel, drunk horse, diaper boxing gloves, and two cases of missing things (cows and nuts).

Factoid of the Week:
The longest recorded echo in a building lasted 15 seconds

Riding While IntoX
Youve Got Dragon on Your Face
Gay Squirrel Causes Mayhem 
Falling at the Feet of the Law
This is no defenseless SHEEP!
Diaper Rash
That’s one BIG Hamburger Sandwich!
Pooping for Politics!
Missing Moos
Who stole my nuts!

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As..)
Running Time:  1:05:10

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