Holiday Hooplah!

Well, it’s that time again: shop until you die of a heart attack time! I hope you guys had an excellent black friday and found sales out the wazoo. Unfortunately, we had an excellent one too, and it’s wiped us out completely. My parents are visiting and Ash is doing tree decorating with her family. This has kind of thrown us off more than originally anticipated, so we’re going to have to delay the show for tonight. I’m as devasted as you are, trust me. But it seems kind of crappy of me to let my parents drive 15 hours up here to see me and then not spend enough time hanging out with them. So I’m giving this weekend to family time. Go ahead, blame me for the delays. I can take it! We’ll have a podcast out this week though, so don’t panic! We’ll get back to normal soon. These holidays are crazy! See you guys again soon!!

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