Episode 87 – “It’s Like a Face Enema!”

Wow, so this last week was a BLUR. Family coming in, my 8-year-old nephew learning to text, his 4-year-old friend learning my name and the phrase “come on!”… it was a blast, but I’m so glad it is few and far between. Stephen and I are sorry for the lateness, but who can blame us during this family oriented time. Granted my family was sick and tried to pass their zombie ebola virus to me… so I hid šŸ˜€
We have toe fetishes, sticky mexicans, polish pranksters, reindeer poo, gay penguins, and lesbian polar bears (oh my!). Hope everyone enjoyed their break!

Factoid of the Week:
Only 20% of the Sahara is covered in sand, the rest is rocky

Polish Pranks
Toe Fetish
Sticky MeXicans
Kiddy Car Crash
Barry ManaNOoOO
Cardboard Calamity
Reindeer Poo
Gay Penguin Egg Heist
Polar SeX
Man Runs Himself Over

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Running Time: 1:01:34

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