Episode 89 – “Man, She’s Got BallZ!”

I found this clay stuff called “Sculpy” the other day and I am not totally obsessed with making mega cute animeish octopussys and presents and snowmen with mega cute bows and omg they are CUTE. Granted, I get them totally done, baked, painted… and I go to draw the face on and I always screw it up and have to repaint over the face and redraw the eyes 45 times. So annoying. Search out Sculpy on the nets and make cute things with me! Post pics on the forum… I think I will of the octy i just made. So amazingly adorable.
Oh… the show… brainless boys, nutty engines, mac attacks, evil red pens, and nothing is more natural than a beaver… o_O

Factoid of the Week:
In 1995 Kellogg co. paid $2400 to a man whose kitchen was damaged by a flaming pop-tart

Brainless boy
TV Proven Deadly
Stephen’s Soapbox…Seeing RED!
Honesty is the Best Policy
My what an EYE-ful!
The Conspiracy Continues!
I have lost my hair
Nothing More Natural

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Running Time: 1 Hour

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