We are….

Still alive!
Well, the holidays are really messing with Stephen and I. We’ve been trying to pass along the holiday olive branch to the leaders of SUC, and have been in intensive (and somewhat nutty) meetings for the last couple weeks.

Stephen has been chosen as a delegate to mediate between SUC and FUR… and of course we put world peace, safety, and the end of SUC before doing our actual show. (Hey, we aren’t totally narcissistic).

Since Stephen is so far away and without any recording devices (none are allowed in the secret location that the meetings are taking place in), it might be a few more days still before we are caught up.

Never fear, however! I will take it upon my shoulders to post a few amuZing stories on the site to keep you tided over until we are able to get our recordings done!

Thanks for you patience… and I hope 2008 was amazing, and 2009 will be even better!


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