After the Blast w/ Chris Moreno

bio_chris-morenoChris Moreno! Oh, yeah, people… Chris Moreno graced us with his presence for a second time! We talked about all his amazing upcoming projects (how does the kid have time to sleep?), his lack of twitter-worthy day-to-day activities, and how he should make me my own Batman life sized art!
You see that pic right there? Yeah, that’s the man himself giving you the sexy stare. Oh you know you have to listen now!

Who Should Eat A Dick

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 1:30:44

Author: Smashie

She's scatterbrained and filled with coconut oil at best.

2 thoughts on “After the Blast w/ Chris Moreno”

  1. 1. I am not a creepy stalker person. You guys give me too much crap :-p2. I’m simply just excited for my first con, and the reason I couldn’t go last year was because I didn’t learn about it until the week before hand, and I needed two weeks notice to take off from work.

    Also probably my favorite Nicholas Cage movie is Matchstick Men, which also includes a great Sam Rockwell, and a somewhat creepy Alison Lohman, who looks great in Drag me to Hell by the way.

    Also J.J. Abrams did a mean Mission Impossible 3 which was not mentioned.

    DayQuil isn’t supposed to have an effect on you by the way.

    Also furby’s are squeaky.

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