Episode 142 – Not Stupid Anymore

Stephen and I were both mega tired for the show tonight, but neither of us could shut up or stop laughing… I think that is what happens to people when they are tired. I also think that when we are sleep (or drunk) we have the best shows 😀 Barring Stephen forgetting the charger for his laptop, his lamp crashing, skype cutting out and dropping the call for 10 mins… everything went really well! :p We ramble on about slugs and weight watchers and aliens and cowboys that need shirts.Factoid of the Week:
Slugs have 4 noses.

Alien Apps
Get along little doggies, get along
WV is Fat
No Nose is good…
Bed Warmers…
Paging Doctor Moron

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Running Time: 1:31:23

Author: Smashie

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