Episode 148 – Stop Doing Things!

It is 3:32am. I should be asleep. Why am I not asleep? Well, for one, my sister was up half the night packing for her DC trip… and I was her entertainment. Granted, it wasn’t hard. You know when you get so sleepy that you are just stupid? Well, Steph was beyond stupid. She was just standing there, staring into space with her mouth open, and giggling on occasion. Yeah, it was hilarious. I like coming up here for the show 🙂 I don’t really recall the show, actually. I think we talked about naked (and very hot) Asian women… and breast milk cheese? Seriously? Ew.
Hot, Naked, Asians
Ummm, Seriously?
SUC Loses!
Drunk People
It’s Hot “Down There”
Breast Milk Cheese
Bank Of America SUCKS
Horny Old Woman

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