Episode 153 – Take It In The Ear

It’s that time again boys and girls! Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is going rock your face off with the newest episode that is chock full of everything you expect from us. What does chock full mean anyway? What on earth is a chock? These questions may never be answered, but I can tell you that we answer a bunch of other ones! Like why do goats get upset and attack old people? Why was there a guy in a pit full of liquid poop? And most importantly, why was some crazy woman covered in parrots and chihuahuas?! All this and more tonight on Horseshoes & Hand Grenades!Factoid of the Week
Only humans and horses have hymens

Freshly Ground Black Ppl
Angry old goat
Suspect found in poo
Woman with parrot chest throws things
2 Balls
Skettie and Rodent Balls
BiSexual Chicken
Amputee beat up in self defense

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 1 hour 35 minutes

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