No Show + Swag!

Hey guys! There is NO show 2nite (Thursday May 6th 2010). I am uber busy playing Cinderella for wedding POOP, and Stephen is stuck at work being someone’s bitch!
I will leave you with this DISGUSTING tidbit, however: Who eats poo? They Do!

Also, while I have your attention…. I have SO much swag. TONS of Gamer Shirts (for gals and guys), hoodies, posters, pins, wallets, yadda yadda. I do not have room for it all. Basically, I am going to give it to you guys as prizes.

One contest will be for whoever can bring the most guests two weeks in a row, one will involve whoever donates the most, one will be for whoever writes the best itunes review for us, and so on and so forth. I’ll take some pictures of all the massive amounts of swag when I get time 🙂

Until then, we love and miss you guys!

Author: Smashie

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3 thoughts on “No Show + Swag!”

  1. Love the show, so I’ll just sit here and wait for you guys to come back to do it live again.
    I’m just sitting…


    it’s no trouble really….

    I’ll wait…

    it’s not like I got stuff to do…

    no problem at all….

    so sad….. 🙁

    Hope you guys get back soon….my coffee’s getting cold!

  2. Congrats to the both of you, can’t wait for the show to come back!
    By the way, I am completely jealous how many cool people listen to you guys 🙂 Chris Moreno, Lauren Perry, Peter Palmiotti, the list grows, huzzah!!

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