Episode 160 – Sexasaurus Rex!

I am determined that no one ever reads these intros… like… ever. Are you reading this? You SHOULD be reading it! Sometimes I am funny, damn it all. In fact, if you ARE reading this… COMMENT. I don’t care what you say… just say something letting me know that you actually read this post. Otherwise, I’m, going to start writing really bad pr0n in the show intro slots. :PThanks to Chip for notes and Chris Moreno for gabbing with us for so long! 🙂

Factoid of the Week
The thumbnail grows the slowest. The middle nail grows the fastest.

Do not ride the gatorZ
Dog shoots owner in arse
Sex Wrecks
do you drink pool water?
Toilet Mobile

Download it here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 1:30:00

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