Episode 161 – Involuntarily Brought To You By Mustard

Tonight show was MEGA Awesome in the geekiest sense!  Chris Moreno joined us and lead us through his Comic Con Experience!  He also gave us the scoop on his NEW Project!  Talking to Chris has gotten me SUPER stoked about DragonCon!  I could literally just pee my pants.  I also got a booklet in the mail today and am even MORE excited!  I still dunno if I will dress up, but I am really drooling over all the amazing things going on for that con!  More than anything I am happy that some of my childhood heros will be there… yeah, I watched Star Trek a lot as a kid.  Also, one of my fav authors and bands will be rocking the place!  SQUEEEE.

Rabbit Terrorism
Football Guards Suck
Witches Not Subject To Our Laws

Hangin’ with Chris Moreno – SPECIAL

Dead Animal Brew
Sex Fall Fail

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 1:31:20

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