Episode 162 – Dones!

Well, the show is a bit late… but that is because my 1st cousin just had his first kid!  Well, he didn’t have the kid… his wife did.  Well, technically she had it.  Are C-Sections considered giving birth?  Speaking of C-Sections… waiting on one to happen in the birth ward of a hospital is painful.  I don’t mean mildly painful, I mean scratch my eyes out and bleed to death slowly painful.  We had to wait with a group of people that should NOT have been parents.  Who let’s their kids crawl around on the floor of a HOSPITAL?!  Ugh.  Ummm, anyway… yay I have a cousin!  He was cute.  I nicknamed him panda ^_^  (Er, Also… enjoy the show? ;p)

Factoid of the Week:
The electric chair was invented by a dentist

Have we not learned?
Oldest man alive…is…not?
Bear on bear action
Bears want to play too!
– Check out Peter Palmiotti’s Podcast! Steve has a guest appearance on the latest episode!
Man stuck in poo
Amorous Roo
You’re doing it wrong
Wendy’s thief is dumb

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Running Time: 1:12:15

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