Episode 165 – Quickie Time!

Hewwo attackers of my shitty warl! Tonight’s show is early and short (heh…HEHEHE…HAHAHAHAHA). I have a CRAP ton to do tonight to get ready to leave way too damn early morrow… so I am cutting the notes in half. Does Stephen know this? Prolly not 😀 Also, someone should come do my laundry for me… and pack… and yeah -_- Traveling is annoying unless you have stuff waiting for you at your destination. On the up side… white water rafting, rock climbing, zip lining, cruising and swimming! WIN 😀
Factoid of the Week
In Cleveland, Ohio it is illegal to catch mice without a hunting license.
Also : Guy’s stuff has stuff to kill other guys stuff

Ping Pong Sex Mugging
Don’t Make Sex Tapes
Poop Attack
Anger Management would have been easier

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Running Time: 1:13:03

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