Dragon*Con 2010 in Pictures!

hnh mobileWe had an amazing time at Dragon*Con and were able to capture an awful lot of it with our cameras. Check out our pics from our trip! We’ll have video and coverage coming soon. I am but one person, so give me a bit to get it all edited together and we’ll release it to the masses! Thanks!

Dragon*Con 2010

2 thoughts on “Dragon*Con 2010 in Pictures!”

  1. Great Pics! I was at the Super Hero Attempt and you got one of my daughter as a Super Girl with big Lou. I was one of the 2 Rorschach, mine the long black coat. Thanks!

  2. Oh wow!! That’s so awesome that you’re daughter got a picture with Lou Ferrigno! I would be so very excited. I was excited just to stand next to the guy :). Thanks for stopping by the site!

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