Episode 166 – 8-bit Ashley

You know, I have this site listed on my resume… and I am starting to wonder if that is such a good idea.   Will potential employers look as this site, scrunch their noses at some of the content and language, and then promptly throw my resume into the trash bin?  I mean, I don’t edit any of this before posting, I don’t censor my language (what kind of Smashie would I be if I did), and I don’t actually show off any of the skills I am touting in my resume.  But, it is just so bloody COOL that I HAVE to tell ppl that I do it, right?  What do you guys think?  Leave the podcast on my resume or ditch it?  I mean, I won’t stop podcasting if I get a job… but perhaps they do not need to know I HAVE a podcast? :p
Factoid of the Week:
Farts are created mostly by E. coli.

First off! Go check out these websites! These are awesome people we met at Dragon*Con. Tell them H&H sent you!
Chris Kuchta – Horror Art that scares children…and Ashley
Sidebar Podcast – Four Color Conversations on Comics, Art & Pop Culture
Local Boy Bakery – Amazing cookies that saved Matt’s life
Laurie B – Beautiful illustrations of your favorite heroes and villains
Comfort Love and Adam Withers – Creators of The Uniques and Rainbow in the Dark
Chris Moreno – Our buddy and the artist behind Super Frat, Zombie Dickheads, and upcoming Motel Hell!

German Sex Disappointment
Sexy Robbery
Sex Ba-Oops…
Sex Bed

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 1:30:05

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