Episode 170 – So Fresh and So Clean Clean

Words cannot express how ridiculously insane this episode of H&H was. As with all of our call-in shows, you can expect us to be far more off the wall than usual and in tears over how hilarious our listeners are. You guys absolutely make this show more awesome than we could ever make it by ourselves. We were joined by Rob Burgundy, Coleman Ranahan, AbbadonofHell, LilWill, and Vash the Stampede, who all contributed some freaking hilarious stories and put us both in stitches. Thanks to all of you guys who make this show worth doing! Tune in for time traveling sperm, 30 tons of grapes, where to hide your crack, and much more!!
Factoid of the Week:
The average speed of a man’s orgasm is 28 MPH

Thieves steal 30 tons of grapes
Smoking monkey goes PUFF
Butt Crack
Let the mother burn!
Second hand panties
Death Ray

Download it Here (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 1:53:12

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