Episode 171 – Nodule of Nerdidity

This episode comes at you like a rhino drinking powerthirst! Prepare for our podcast to eat your children and digest them into perfect killing machines designed for world dominations. THAT is how awesome it is! Then it turns around and shows you it’s sensitive side by teaching you how to land yourself a long lasting relationship. This episode is like Two-Face, outwardly bitter but has a heart of gold…or maybe I’m just talking about our two co-hosts. This show has hot rod scooters and penile diseases!
Factoid of the Week:
Only 30% of people can expand and contract their nostrils at will

69 is the new slow
Kung Fu Dating
Glue =! Eyedrops
Do NOT record your sexual exploits!
Piggy is seized

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 1:13:49

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