Episode 174 – Never Eat Beaver

I was in a parade today… I think I gave some little girl a concussion with the candy I was throwing out into the crowd. Woooppsssss. One day Stephen and I will be in parade’s representing HnH… because we are that awesome. If YOU would like to join the fellowship of awesome, then hop on the chat on Thursdays! Stephen and I love having ppl in the chat to make fun of us and talk about beavers with (apparently, beavers like eating wood more at night than in the morning). These are things you only find out in the chat! Well, we talked about it on the show too… but you didn’t get to see the beaver picture! You can’t do a search for beavers online… it will hurt your eyes :p
Factoid of the Week
Winston Churchill was born in a ladies’ room during a dance.

Ironic (get it?)
Heavy Boobs
Sex Toy Assault
Cricket Balls
Baby Sold

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Running Time: 1:15:00

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