Episode 176 – The Thankful Force

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know this posts a day late, but it’s better late than never, I guess! We hope that you’ve all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have traveled safely. We also hope that no TSA agents have grabbed your genitals and inspected them for bombs or razor blades or other sharp and completely nonsensical objects.  Aren’t airplanes fun!? This episode was a special one in that Ash and I were together at her house doing the show. Nothing much special beyond that. Our show is a little bit more off the wall this time because of the holiday, but we still had a blast. You can look forward to your normal news report next week, but this week we just wanted to have some fun and jibber jabber for a bit. Hope everyone had a great holiday!!
Factoid of the Week:
Miscellaneous factoids about Thanksgiving were reported

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: Somewhere around an hour

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