Episode 179 – The Pleasure Business

I am so freaking stoked to see TRON! I feel like Stephen and I should have work skull caps this ep instead of Santa hats… I’m glad they worked it out so ppl could have hair in this version :p Technology is awesome! Will i be saying that when SkyNet becomes active and takes over the world in a tyranny of robotic rage? Prolly not… but it might prove more entertaining than a Zombie horde? Ok, SEND ME PICTURES OF UR CHRISTMAS TREESSSSS… and ur wishlists, please 😀 I DEMAND THEM!
Factoid of the Week
When you eat too much food, it actually reduces your ability to hear.

Viagra keeps everything hard
One classy bitch
Business and Pleasure?
One armed, no legged woman takes care of baby

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Running Time: 1:03:32

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