Episode 182 – Social Lubricant

Ok, so, a damned TIME MONSTER has descended down upon my house and stolen my TIME! I got up after the show, ate a bit, melted some shea butter (normal people do this), scented said butter, put butter in jars, and then went upstairs and played with makeup… ohhh, I see what happened. I spent FOUR hours screwing around. Gah. Yawn. Tired. Poo. Well, at least the show was fun. A time monster DID eat the show, however. I showed up 20 mins late 😀 mwahahahah! The notes were REALLY fun this week. Sex toy floating, dead ppl sniffing, trout slapping (irc fans will like this), and cats that are called into to take place in a jury… yeaahhhh.
Factoid of the Week
Until the nineteenth century, solid blocks of tea were used as money in Siberia. (I like TEA!)

Do not snort your neighbors
Cat Summoned for Jury Duty
Sex Toys are not Floats
Fish Fights

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 1:15:55

Author: Smashie

She's scatterbrained and filled with coconut oil at best.

One thought on “Episode 182 – Social Lubricant”

  1. Haha, that summary says it all. This was a CRAZY good episode guys. The best ones are usualy the ones that are half pulled outta thin air. And this one was a good one! Looking forward to tonight!

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