Episode 183 – F^

So, we pretty much made fun of Ric and Milk Drinkers this entire show. Apparently, he is dating a warm glass of milk that he occasionally dips his carrot into (even though he is allergic). HnH is kind of like a warm glass of milk when you think about it. We are… warm… and soothing… and by the end of the glass you are sated and ready for bed! Yeah, HnH and warm milk have a lot in common. We don’t come from cows, though. We are made from the stalks of the awesome plant. Gently distilled into an awesome sauce. Speaking of… I’m hungry o_O
Factoid of the Week
Every year, about 6,500 Americans are injured by their toilet seats

German’s Cannot Drive
Help Marry Samantha
Pee Power
Hicky Causes Paralysis

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Running Time: 1:21:36

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