Episode 184 – Feel These Nipples!

Holy crap! Tonight’s show as absolutely nuts. Ashley was on tour tonight, showing up in Huntington and hanging with my wife who is in the process of moving around once more. We were joined by the one and only Chris Moreno! Comic artists behind such works as Zombie Dickheads, Do you believe in ninjas?, Dysfunctianimals, SuperFrat, and numerous other works! He stuck around with us for a bit to talk about some of his work, and even joined us on some crazy news! He is most definitely a master of the craft of podcasting, even though he doesn’t have a podcast O_o. Get this episode now!

Chris Moreno’s stuff!!
Deviant Art
Zombie Dickheads – part of Zombiebomb Volume 4
Do You Believe in Ninjas

China Loves Top Gun
Alcohol Saves Lives
Klingon’s have nothing on us!
Immigration Worker Hates Wife

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Running Time: 1:19:12

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