Episode 197 – Baby Shakes!

HELLLOOOO ladies and gents! After three weeks of vacation… I am back home! Now, I know you missed us last week (I saw you sitting in the corner crying like a baby), but we are BACK! Back with anger and me cursing WAY too damn much in this ep. I had the anger. It’s cool, tho. Nyan kitteh made everything peachy again! Speaking of… I seriously watched that vid (well, listened to it anyway) for HOURS. It is so happy. You can literally want to shoot urself in the face… and listen to that… and watch the magic poptart kitteh poop rainbows… and everything is right in the world. Its amaZing! Kinda like our show… which is also amaZing. With a capitol Z. Damn skippy!
Factoid of the Week
Non – dairy creamer is flammable

Fag Fone
Gimme yo money, please?
Surprise enema
Dress Code Rebel

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 1:20

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