Episode 201 – Feed Me Nuggets!

Every time about this year I get excited for Halloween. I have no clue why, however. Actually, just two days ago marked the longest day of the year and the first day of summer… why this should spawn some internal desire for it to be dark at 4pm and for me to have to crawl through cobwebs and fake spiders to get upstairs is still a matter of some debate. It could be that I just happened to glance at a Halloween costume magazine that is laying on my floor… or it could be that I am 12 and just really like scary movies and dressing up (and CARAMEL APPLES). What does this have to do with the show, you ask? Not a damn thing.
Factoid of the Week
Gary Greenberg once rolled 37 on a d100 three times in a row!

Musical Emergencies
Man Unaware of Hospitals Existence
Ugly People Admitted to BeautifulPeople.com
One Hairy Coochi!

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Running Time: 1:12:59

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