Episode 206 – Maximum Bush

So, my sunburn is finally gone… I still have RETARDED tan lines that make me look like I have socks on (my feet are easily 5-6 shades lighter than my legs). I think my skin has finished shedding off (I’m part python… HAH… that’s what HE said!), and I go out last night to finish blacktopping the back of my father’s office… and I get about 60 fraking bug bites all over the fresh skin on my legs. Sigh. I cannot tell you how bothersome that was. At least they don’t itch anymore. Win! So, now my goal is to somehow even up the tan I have… granted, the fact that I do not wake up till 4pm… and never get out while the sun is up might make this difficult o_O I guess I could fake tan… but that stuff smells like bum hole >_<
Factoid of the Week:
12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily.

Another Zombie Outbreak?!
Support Your Nuts
Don’t Try This At Home…or Anywhere
Poop Gold

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Running Time: 1:07:17

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