Episode 214 – Little Bitty Baby Ride

This show is going to be amazing. Amazing like Busch Gardens in VA. Amazing like the little bitty baby ride that Stephen and I went on… and then promptly decided that anyone getting on that ride was INSANE and should be COMMITTED because their brain did not function at ALL. Awesome like the Griffin and it’s 95 degree angle drop at night. Awesome like the picture I have of Stephen making the face that the ppl in The Ring make when they die. Awesome like the churros that Stephen bought me. Awesome like the strippers at Das Festhaus 😀
Factoid of the Week
The umbrella was originally invented to protect people from the hot sun.

Runner Catches Bus
Door to Door Boob Exams
Gorey Zombie Accident
Pheonix Jones

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 1:07:12

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