Episode 215 – No, Kizzy, OW My Noodles!

This week’s show concentrates on… well, nothing. Stephen and I don’t know how to concentrate… and even if we did… it would be a very weird show indeed if we didn’t drive the bus off the road six or 29 times. Also, because I can’t go one show without making the introductory paragraph a journal entry, I went running again yesterday after taking a 6 week break (falling off a mountain will do that to you). Lemme just say, that it is NOT like getting back on a bike. It is evil and hard and i hurt everywhere. Gah. Oh, well, I won’t survive the zombie apocalypse if I don’t start running again, tho!
Factoid of the Week
Arabians have one less rib, one less lumbar bone, and one or two fewer tail vertebrae than other horses.

80 year old joy ride
Toilet Humor Goes Awry
Housework is a dirty word
This is why we don’t hitchhike

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Running Time: 1:10:59

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