Episode 218 – Tanooki Who?

So, I lost track of time and took a bath that lasted a little too long… as a result… I NEED TO BE CLOTHED. Granted, we might get more ratings if I wasn’t… hmmmm. Write us and tell us what you are thankful for! Actually, we should have asked you that LAST week, but I had ebola… so we didn’t…. so do it now. Also, I tried to up my yoga this week… ummm, headstands? seriously? I think I actually HURT my spine instead of making it more limber. Gah. Oh! And stay tuned for a special rant 😀
Factoid of the Week
The first man-made item to exceed the speed of sound is the bull whip. When the whip is snapped, the knotted end makes a “crack” or popping noise. It is actually causing a mini sonic boom as it exceeds the speed of sound.

Pregnant Woman Feasts on Roadkill
Seriously PETA?
Birds Don’t Belong in Salad
Bacon Flavored Lube

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Running Time: 1:17:57

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